Summer Holidays are over!

Summer holidays are now over, and it is back to business for most of us here in Canada and time to focus on other things such as finances and perhaps income taxes.  Being that the DTC can be claimed for past years at any time throughout the current tax year, there is no need to wait until tax filing time early next year.  Apply now!

What this means is that a person who may qualify for the DTC for any past tax year (2007-2016), they can apply now to receive the benefit.  Being that such benefit may amount to $2,000 or more for each year, it is important to know that one can receive their benefits sooner rather than later.  Apply now!

Also, DTC claims can take Canada Revenue Agency several months to process, this is another reason to apply as soon as possible.  The sooner one applies, the sooner the benefits can be paid.

Hopefully everyone has had a great summer of 2017 holiday, and it is our hope that the end of 2017 is equally great for those who may qualify for the DTC by receiving their DTC benefits as soon as is possible.  Contact my office anytime for a quick, easy, and accurate DTC assessment.  It only takes a few minutes, is free, and we are known for our DTC assessment accuracy. We will advise whether a person qualifies, for how many years, the benefit they can expect based on their income tax status, and provide information on whether the claim would benefit from our help.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope you have great remainder of 2017.

Barry M. D. Ho