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BMD Services Helps Canadians Claim The CRA Disability Tax Credit

  • BMD Services has been helping Canadians obtain substantial income tax health credits for years.
  • BMD president Barry Ho specializes in helping people get their full CRA Disability Tax Credit Refund
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  • We make it Quick, Easy and Stress-Free for you to get your money.
  • Our priority is to ensure our clients get their maximum tax benefits.
  • Our company president has direct professional experience working within the Canadian Government Tax Department.
  • Financial and medical professionals recommend our service, as well as health and specialty support organizations, and past clients.
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Our President: CRA Disability Tax Credit Specialist

Our company president, Barry M.D. Ho, is a former Internal Auditor with Canada Revenue Agency (Canada’s Income Tax Department). As an Internal Auditor, his main function was to review government programs, policies and procedures, and government staff execution of such programs, policies and procedures. Barry’s job was to help guide the government on how to do their job more effectively and efficiently. In addition, one of Barry’s key reviews conducted within the Tax Department was to assess how well that department was treating tax payers. This “Fairness Review”, provided helpful information to the government on how to do their job better.  Although Barry is bound by “non-disclosure” rules as a former government employee, where he is unable to share information about specific policies, programs, practices and procedures, the evidence based Internal Audit approach is the key foundation to his accurate information gathering on the Disability Tax Credit program and procedures outside of his role within the government.

Barry has utilized his knowledge, expertise, and experience, as an Internal Auditor, and as a Disability Tax Credit consultant to become very familiar with the DTC. He has conducted an extensive private review and analysis of the Disability Tax Credit. As a result, Barry and his company BMD Services are very familiar with the Canada Revenue Agency Disability Tax Credit program and have been very successful at applying this knowledge toward obtaining clients their maximum benefits.

“My passion for doing what’s right is what motivated me to establish a service that advocates for people with health issues. I became aware that a significant number of people qualifying for the DTC were not receiving the benefits that they were due. Knowing that so many people with health restrictions would not successfully receive their full benefits unless a qualified professional made themselves available to advocate for them, made establishing BMD Services a must.” – Barry M.D. Ho

How We Can Help You Claim Your CRA Disability Tax Credit

We provide you with a personal free, quick and easy, no obligation consultation to determine if you qualify for the CRA Disability Tax Credit (as well as associated information on other programs if applicable). BMDs President is a former Internal Auditor within Canada’s tax department, and utilizes his knowledge, experience, and expertise to successfully obtain maximum benefits for Canadians. BMD is recommended by professionals and support organizations, and processes an exclusive number of claims per year, where each claim is personally reviewed by management ensuring that claimants receive maximum benefits. Unlike large volume services, we do not hire processing agents with little or no professional income tax health benefit experience to mass process claims. And, unlike many small volume services, we do not have company owners and/or managers who have little or no professional income tax health benefit experience. So, call us now to get the best service from a company that has the credentials to do the job right. It’s your money and you deserve the best!

BMD Testimonials

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